We supply original or aftermarket spare parts manufactured in Japan for the below listed brands;

​Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Daikin Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Diesel Kiki Co. Ltd.

Fuji Electric Co. Ltd.

Fujita Iron Works Co. Ltd.

Fujita Seisakusho Co. Ltd.

Fukushima Ltd.

Futaba Seisakusho Co. Ltd.

Gojyo Iron Works Co. Ltd.

Goko Seisakusho Co. Ltd.

Hakuyo Denkyu Co. Ltd.

Hanshin Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd

Heishin Engineering and Equipment Co. Ltd.

Heishin Pump Works Co. Ltd.

Heiwa Seisakusho Co. Ltd.

Hokushin Electric Works Ltd.

Nakatani Iron Works Co. Ltd.

Naniwa Pump Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Niikura Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Nikko Sangyo Co. Ltd.

Nippon Air Brake Co. Ltd.

Nippon Pillar Packing Co. Ltd.

Nippon Piston Ring Co. Ltd.

Nishishiba Electric Co. Ltd.

Nissin Refrigeration and Engineering Ltd.

Nunotani Hakuyo Keiki Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Ohishi Electric Industry Co. Ltd.

Osaka Blower Mfg. Co. Ltd

Osaka Chain and Machinery Ltd.

Riken Corporation

Saginomia Seisakusho Inc.

Sasakura Engineering Co. Ltd.

Sekigahar Seisakusho, Ltd.

Shimadzu Corporation

Shinkokinzoku Industries Co. Ltd.

Shonan Kosakusho Co. Ltd.

Kashiwa Co. Ltd.

Kayaba Industry. Co. Ltd.

Kobe Diesel Co. Ltd.


Company names are mentioned as reference only.

Engine type indications and brands are property of the related companies listed above.