BC Products

Stop corrosion and rust!

Perfect solution for protecting metal surfaces!

BC Petro Tape

Great cost-saving tape!

Provides excellent protection against corrosion on steel structures like pipes, valves, flanges, couplings, pilings, etc.

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BC Petro Mastic

Used as a filler and sealer on the uneven surfaces.

Applied after "BC Petro Paste".

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BC Petro Paste

Primer to be used to increase its adhesiveness and lifetime of the metallic surfaces.

Produced for use under water and outdoors.

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BC Pipe Dressing PD-22

Heat resistant coating for hot surfaces and steam pipes. Good for -76°F / +446°F.

Creates a supple film to prevent the surface contact with air or water.

No cracking and peeling.

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Rustbit 500

COMBO deck scaling machine.

Three-linked chains made of tempered

steel strike against decks and remove

rusts, scales and old paints.
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S. Korea & Europe

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 • Compressors

 • Diesel Engines

 • Separators

 • Engine Control Systems

 • Winches & Cranes

 • Navigation Equipment

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